Should I include Sports Massage in my exercise routine?

The answer to this is pretty simple… Yes!

The repetitive movement that is associated with many types of exercise, e.g.; running, swimming, boxing and horse riding, causes your muscle fibres to gradually become shortened. This, unfortunately, makes you more prone to injury, due to the compressed muscle fibres and reduced blood supply to the muscles. Reduced blood supply means your muscles are less flexible, therefore, you are more likely to achieve a strain, pull or even tears in the muscle or connective tissue. This is also why stretching after your exercise is very important; it will aid in lengthening the muscles.

*For those of you who have seen me before, this is why I preach to you about doing your stretches!!!

Lengthen your muscles post-exercise

Sports massage will aid your recovery and help to lengthen your muscles post-exercise, as well as many more great benefits (I will speak more about this in another blog!). A sports massage will include various different massage and stretching techniques in order to manipulate the muscle to restore and realign the fibres back to their natural length and state.

Increase blood flow

Sports massage will increase blood flow to the area, which will relax the compressed muscle fibres. The increased blood flow improves the whole circulatory system; therefore, muscles will be supplied with more blood, oxygen and nutrients and flush out toxins in the area. The benefit of this includes reduced chance of cramping and lactic acid build-up. The fresh nutrients supplied to the muscles will improve your endurance and the increased supply of oxygen will help with your speed.

Repetition is key

Sports massage is cumulative, the more regularly you have them, the greater the benefit. Receiving a sports massage after a race or event is great for recovery, but as I said it is cumulative, so ideally you should incorporate it into your exercise routine and race/event schedule. This will mean you will go into your event/race with an optimum level of health and fitness and you should recover quicker as your muscles will be more pliable.

If you would like to incorporate sports massage into your exercise/training schedule, please make an appointment. We do have block booking packages available, please enquire for pricing.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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